Case Study: Rushcutters Bay Park Tennis Courts – streamlines admin and saves hours a week

Rushcutters Bay Tennis Courts wanted to refresh their look to be more in keeping with the other centers in their group. They had special complications in the design because we needed to make sure the City of Sydney council were happy as stakeholders. We also found ways we could remove a big pain point in their administration.

Background and goals for the web project

Design aesthetics :
We needed this site to represent the brand of both the tennis world group of which Rushcutters is a part and fit within council guidelines. This was a redesign – there was a big difference from the old design being a light colour palette to a dark design that stayed easy to use and read in the new design.

Usability / Main goals :
1. The main usability goals was to make the online court bookings and contact information really obvious.

2. One big pain point for the center managers is in handling the booking of hotshots programs , vacation care programs and the like.
We found out during our discovery process that they were sending people to a link to download a form online. The customer then printed and completed the form along with payment details before sending it back to be processed manually. This was a LOT of admin, which was causing a lot of pain. Especially since the math was fairly complicated so there were often mistakes made in completing the form. Which meant the manager had to call the customer and have an awkward conversation to correct the issue. This was not good customer relations OR good use of time of staff.

3. Lead generation and list building. Because there were a number of demographics using the tennis center we saw a great benefit in helping segment out the communications. So retired CEO’s in a tennis comp weren’t sent emails about kids club and vice versa.

What we did to reach the goals

Design wise the hardest thing was to find a perfect blend to please all stake holders. We did a couple of different versions but it was a very smooth process. Mood boards helped to refine and focus the needs before we did the actual design.

Usability – the book a court functionality was already integrated into the old site (and Rushcutters loved the way it was working)  so this was really a matter of design. Making sure the BOOK A COURT call to action was nice and clear on the home page and in the navigation.

The online booking facility for hotshots was new though. We created a set of intelligent forms that expand themselves as they are completed (adding space for extra children for example) but not being too confusing as soon as you land on the page. The forms work out the math and online payment can be made on the spot. The completed and paid for booking details are then sent to the center manager to action.

The booking forms double a as a segmentation system. If you book for something for kids and opt in for notifications you are automatically added to one list in mailchimp (the marketing email provider the center uses) If you book a court or join a comp you are offered information that is relevant to that.

You can check out the website here

Web site redesign results - rushcutters bay park tennis center


What Rushcutters thought :

Thanks Everyone for your efforts on the website!!

It was a big hit with Sydney City Council… was mentioned all the way up to the CEO..

Christian Gobolas – Rushcutters Bay Park Tennis Center

We send all of our clients a client satisfaction survey at the completion of the project.

Christian’s came back full with full marks for us.

“Excellent” satisfaction with all aspects of the site, our expertise, the service, the value, communication, systems and everything else we ask about. He would “definitely recommend us to his friends and business associates ” and “definitely use us again”.  Actually, we are already talking about work on a couple of other companies the parent company owns.



“I just wanted to say Thank You very much for all your hard work for us in putting together our Crossways website and getting us live on the net. We are very happy with the result. Marama came in yesterday and trained Debbie and myself in doing blogs etc so hopefully we can manage that now.”

Lesley Earp –

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