Case Study: Dynamic Health

Dynamic Health have 3 very different types of clients. We helped them create a website that spoke to each of their needs with easy online booking front and centre.

Background and Goals for the project:

Dynamic Health were launching a brand new chiropractic center in Jersey (an Island in the English channel off the coast of France but part of the UK) .

Steffen and Katie were moving from mainland England leaving their existing practices and starting fresh.

The main goals for the site was to

  1. Establish authority
  2. Generate leads and new clients in a brand new market
  3. Online booking

What we did and results:

As a new venture we spent a lot of time in the planning and strategy stage to really define who their potential clients were and how to communicate effectively with them. People do business with businesses they know, like and trust and in this case that was especially important.

We helped Steffen and Katie define client avatars for their main groups of clients and then created a way for the different groups to “self select” and find the information relevant to THEM really easily. We helped create valuable resources and created different ways to collect names / emails in exchange for the resource (optins) . Behind the scenes these formed segmented lists so Dynamic Health can communicate clearly and in a focussed way. Not sending 60 year old office workers with golfing injurings information about early childhood development for instance.

We also installed clear “calls to action” all throughout the site – but without being “in your face” annoying.

Online booking was a must as was clear contact info and an extensive resources section.


You can check out the Dynamic Health website here. 


What Dynamic Health thought:

Also just wanted to say a big thank you from katie and myself for all your hard work, you have all been a pleasure to work with and we are both really pleased with the outcome :)))

Steffen Toates – Dynamic Health


“I liked Marama’s straight forward, no nonsense style. She was upfront about everything, patient and helpful. I’m very happy with the service. I can’t think of any areas that may need improvement.”

Sonja Keller –

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