Case Study: Creating a user-friendly website for Taylor Street Dental

Taylor Street Dental is a modern Family Dental Clinic in the heart of West Pennant Hills. They have a small but strong team of dentists who specialise in creating tailored individual care plans that fit each patient’s needs.

Their philosophy is “Give ethical advice, offer down-to-earth treatment plans, and provide high quality dentistry.”

Challenge presented to eSense

Taylor Street Dental’s existing website was lacking aesthetically, and was not particularly user friendly which didn’t translate well to conversions.

Background and goals of project

Dr. Dylan Lin, the client and one of Taylor Street’s dentists, wanted to build a new and better looking website so he could focus more on the practice. To accomplish this, we wanted to create an online form where patients can book their appointments easily. We also updated their list of services, rewriting long, dragging brochures making them succinct and easy-to-understand.

eSense’s process and solution

eSense adheres to a proven process for our initial Discovery sessions were held to find out exactly what the client was looking for. This is a proven eSense process where we sit down and really get to know our client’s wants while also offering our professional opinions. Through these sessions, we generated a client avatar, shared designs, drew up a wire frame, and took into consideration clients preferences on things like fonts and colours.

From this process we found one main goal. The need to streamline processes. Our project manager worked diligently to accomplish this, and with the hard work of our design team, the end product was a much cleaner and more efficient website, a new and improved online booking system, and a comprehensible list of their services.

Specific highlights

The new website features a redesigned logo, with a cleaner design, a functional and easy to use interface, a new booking system as well as a more comprehensible list of services.


The new website is great to scroll through, user-friendly, and packed with information not just about the services, but about the team behind Taylor Street Dental as well. Patients can easily book an appointment and with an added sense of ease and assurance.Q

Link to client website:


“From the first moment I contacted Marama my experience was a fabulous. She was warm, helpful, knowledgeable and just so easy to work with.
A pleasure from beginning to end.
Will recommend her and her business in a heartbeat. Thanks Marama!”

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