Case Study: Creating a Fresh New Website for Vineyard Mates


The team at Vineyard Mates realised that there are many growers out there that need support and help in their vineyard. They need the right equipment to do the complete job. With great experience in this area, they began offering vineyard operational and management services to the Barossa Valley region including grape harvesting, machine pruning, post knocking, rotary hoeing, irrigation, vineyard spraying and all aspects of vineyard management.

Challenge presented to eSense:

The older website was very dull and lacked character. We had to come up with a new fresh site to reflect the team’s fun personalities.

Background and goals of project:

To design and build not just a beautiful, functional website, but a website that was uniquely ‘Vineyard Mates.’

eSense’s process and solution:

We had a series of ‘Discovery’ sessions to understand Vineyard Mates goals and target audience. We also used the client’s choice of color and design through our online survey while coming up with an amazing new website.

Specific Highlights:

Vineyard Mates were so great to work with that the team looked forward to the weekly Project Management Meetings. We especially loved seeing their reaction to their new logo design. Working with them was a delight and it was so easy to ‘harvest’ elements of their history and personalities to bring their unique voice to the copy.


A brand new website that was exactly what the client was looking for and more.


“Working with the eSense Team has been fantastic and we are very happy with the finished website. Marama is highly motivated to share knowledge and provide meaningful consultation. I was impressed at how much discovery work goes into the project and the specific outcomes we arrived at.
Shaalyn is a pleasure to work with and very prompt and attentive in project management. During the course of my project, she ensured all our queries and concerns were dealt with in a timely manner and she did an awesome job.
Many thanks to your wonderful team and yourself to help on this project. By far, this is the best web development team I have worked with. I’m so glad to have your team and yourself to handle this project and I look forward to future collaborations.”

– Trina Thompson, Director of Vineyard mates.


“I just wanted to say Thank You very much for all your hard work for us in putting together our Crossways website and getting us live on the net. We are very happy with the result. Marama came in yesterday and trained Debbie and myself in doing blogs etc so hopefully we can manage that now.”

Lesley Earp –

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