Growth Driven Web Design – data driven design

What is growth driven web design?

Growth Driven Web Design is a new way to develop websites with less risk, less stress and more guaranteed success. There is no guess-work involved, so the resulting website is much more effective.

This process is especially effectiv for websites that have a very high level of visitor engagement and interaction like eCommerce sites, membership sites and community sites.


Growth-Driven-Design vs Traditional Design

There are three benefits over traditional web design;

1. Minimise risks associated with traditional web design.

Traditional web design works by building a strategy and plan to deliver a 100% completed website after the process. This has some inherent risks for some businesses – especially if the business has a high focus on visitor interaction. We work to avoid the risks of traditional web design. By focusing on the things that will make the most impact first and improving from there. In growth driven web design, we first create a launch pad site that gives you 80% of your required needs by focusing on the most important 20% of the site (the Pareto principle).

2. Continuously learn and improve.Growth Driven web design - continuous improvement cycle diagram: plan > build> learn > transfer

We are constantly researching, testing and learning about our visitors to decide on ongoing website improvements. Through continuous improvements we can reach the best possible results without guesswork.

3. As you learn, inform marketing and sales.

A website shouldn’t stand alone, it should be a central part of your business strategy.  Growth Driven Web Design works closely with marketing and sales. What we learn about visitors helps with marketing and sales strategies and tactics (and vice versa).

Through the process we help you define who your customer is and identify what they want by observing how they engage and listening to their feedback.
So you can engage with them in the most meaningful and effective way possible.

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“A big thank you from Katie and myself for all your hard work, you have all been a pleasure to work with and we are both really pleased with the outcome :)”

Steffen Toates –

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