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Giving back via B1G1

We are excited to have joined B1G1 to allow us to make even more positive impact in the world we live in. The map below shows where we have made an impact so far and we look forward to watching it grow.

Our Giving Stories

These are the free strategy calls we offer here on our site. These are actual strategy calls where we give you as much value as possible in 20 minutes, not a sales call disguised as a strategy call.

So, if you want to be part of our force for good go ahead and book in for yours now. There is a link at the bottom of this page.

If you want to join B1G1 for your own business my unique code BM11130 will get you $10 worth of Giving Credits.

Other ways we give back

Buy one Give one – Legacy

For every project we start with eSense be that a strategy package, a web project or marketing project, we make a loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country to grow their business too.

We used to use Zidisha to manage this. Zidisha manages direct peer-to-peer loans to business owners in developing countries. Directly connecting lenders to the entrepreneurs needing a loan they bypass expensive local banks so the entrepreneurs pay minimal interest. Even though we have now joined B1G1 because it’s easier to see the impact we are making we are continuing the micoloans through Zidisha as well.

A core value of ours is a growth mindset and one of my favourite times each week is choosing a new business venture to support.  Being direct lending, I can fund the great growth ideas that will continue to improve not only the entrepreneur’s life but also their community.

We never withdraw the loan money when it’s paid back. Instead, we re-lend to another entrepreneur so the effect compounds over the years.

Some of the business owners we’ve supported through Zidisha have done some amazing things and we get to help them and watch their journey.

Take Daughty Were for instance – she owns a bakery in Kenya that now employs 11 people.

She started her business 4 years ago with just herself and a firewood oven and used loans to expand and improve, buying an electric oven so she had even heat and a higher quality product. She then bought cake pans to increase her product line, then  the material to make a paraffin oven. This was so she could continue to bake effectively even during frequent blackouts and double her capacity when the power is on, and now most recently she purchased a van so she can deliver to her customers. She really is an inspiration!

You can learn more about Zidisha on their website.

Business Mentoring

Helping businesses grow is in my DNA so apart from eSense, I’m also a professional mentor for other Digital Agency owners with uGurus. This is my effort to change the industry for the better. It’s also a great way to stay up to date with the latest and greatest at a worldwide level which helps my clients. It’s also an excuse to visit the States at least once a year for the annual live event, uGurus is based in Denver, Colorado.

I’m a mentor too, for She Business, a women’s business development group. Our goal in She Business is for every Australian woman running their own business to be financially secure.


Each year we do pro-bono work for local charities, that has included everything from a complete site to free hosting for life.


As a start up in the renovation space we turned to eSense Web Design to assist us with Logo design & Branding as we knew anything we came up with would need to be re-done at a later stage & conscious that you only get 1 shot at first appearances so the decision to use Marama was simple.

The consulting process cut to the core of what we do and why we’re passionate about it. It identified that our initial business name we had come up with missed our target market and wasn’t an authentic representation of Shona & I, by brainstorming a few options with Marama at eSense through her strategic questions and clever approach to ‘why’ we started and ‘what we wanted to achieve with our business, we landed with Smart Makeover which captures our strategic & calculated approach to renovating and connects with vendors and landlords alike, who are looking at getting the best Return on Investment when going to market.

The insights into brand strategy and connecting with clients through a voice that authentically represents Shona and I is an investment I’d recommend to anybody that is looking to start up or review their current branding, logo, business name etc.

Well done eSense team, you’ve saved us lost money and the pain of failing at first impressions, it’s been one of the smartest investments we’ve made.

Aaron and Shona Edwards – Smart Makeover

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