When you’re trying to build a name for yourself or your brand on social media, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The constant chatter, drama, leading news stories, and e-celebrity splashes can easily drown out a mild-mannered account looking to build some community awareness. Among the big names in social media, Facebook has always been a leading member of the pack and the most attuned to the needs of businesses as well as individual users.

With the help of guides and Facebook’s own interface, you can find a number of tools to build your page and profile and begin connecting with people. But once everything is set up, you still need a great content marketing plan to entice the interest of the Facebook community. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to improve the clicks and shares you already have, these ten tips can help you spice up your content and see the boost in results you’re looking for.

1) Inspire Responses, but Never Ask For Them

Success in Facebook marketing is all about getting your users talking. When a single post of yours can inspire dozens of comments and response-posts, you know you’re doing well. This is most often done with inspiring, intriguing, and amusing content that encourages Facebook users to jump in and add their own input. The happy chatter and engaging discussions that ensue give you a chance to be a part of the conversation instead of just blasting content all by your lonesome. Always seek to inspire responses with the way you write your posts.

However, ‘engagement bait’ is the new watchword on Facebook and the admins are out to reject and remove any post that openly begs for engagement. Asking users for comments, likes, tags, or reactions is a common tactic for individuals and businesses alike who are seeking better stats, but this is now officially considered a spam tactic. 

2) Auto-Answer Private Messages

When your social media marketing efforts really start to pick up speed, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the surprising number of private and chat messages. You know that every message is valuable and a genuine response could help build your brand, but when there are more messages than you or your marketing team can handle, a solution is needed. Fortunately, Facebook has one ready for you.

Automatically reply to every message. Yes, we know canned messages are not great for business but if you write your auto-reply correctly, people will appreciate the instant response and will understand that you’re swamped. We suggest being honest and funny, letting users who have reached out to you know that you’re up to your eyeballs in social media details and will follow-up ASAP. Then follow up. You just bought yourself about two days of patience so use it wisely and respond to as many messages as is humanly possible.

3) Plan Your Pinned Posts

Facebook allows you to ‘pin’ one post at a time to the top of your page, something more powerful than many brands and business’ realise. All too often, we’ve seen outdated pins that haven’t been taken down or pages that have never pinned anything. Not only should you be using your pins, but you should also be planning what goes in that incredibly influential slot.

This is the best place to put a recent message that you don’t want to get missed in the chatter. Announcements for upcoming events, your current tour location, or the banner for an ongoing sale are all great choices for a pinned post. Remember to include an image and link (or an image-bearing link) to maximise the value of your pin.

4) Post During Non-Peak Times

Facebook feeds flow. When someone looks at their feed, they are seeing posts from everyone they know, and often posts from friends of friends. However, when the post frequency is high, it’s easy to miss something fun or important in the wash of other items in a constantly-moving feed. Peak hours for Facebook line up with regular work hours, 8am to 6pm. This is when most people are at work or school and checking/posting/chatting on Facebook steadily.

However, it’s been found that by posting before and after these standard hours is much more likely to win you a spot on user feeds because their friends and family are posting less. Responses will probably be higher in the evening when everyone is winding down and checking their social media.

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