Case Study: Mindful & Present

The main goal here was to create a site that conveyed the concept of mindfulness in a mainstream way. There are online programs available to purchase and effective list building. All while having a calm and peaceful site.

Background and goals of the project

Sonja came  to us wanting a new site for her mindfulness based stress reduction business. Her main challenge was in creating the right impression to reach her target markets (she has a few different markets). She didn’t want to site to be to “hippy” or “woo woo” and she has a variety of services that she offers to different markets. In person courses, live events and coaching as well as online courses that were planned for the near future.

The main needs to solve were
1. Design a website so it is professional, engaging, easy to use for you and your visitors and matches your brand vision.
2. A professional site to support  business and community outreach .
3. A site that supports marketing. Promotion and sales of current live events and in stage 2 of your online events.

What we did and the results :

During the discovery process we defined her potential clients more fully and came up with a way to help them navigate her site and find what they needed (in a stress free way of course!)

We created a number of different ways to capture people interested in her services and set up a email marketing system that she can utilise when she is ready.

The look and feel was exactly the brand she wanted to convey of calm and relaxation , a sort of effortless floating. “Simple and elegant”

We set up her email marketing to enable her visitors to choose what they are interested it hearing more about to give her the foundation to build her marketing on in the future.

We set up a “nurture campaign” for her for new subscribers with a sequence of emails going out automatically.

We also gave her training in how to use her new site to the best of its ability and use her email marketing platform.

You can visit the completed site here



What Sonja thinks:

This is what she posted when giving final signoff on the project:

Looks amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work, creativity and heavenly presence 🙂
You have been fantastic to work with, and I look forward to working with you again as my website and biz develops.

I think we’re ready to go LIVE!

Kind regards



“I liked Marama’s straight forward, no nonsense style. She was upfront about everything, patient and helpful. I’m very happy with the service. I can’t think of any areas that may need improvement.”

Sonja Keller –

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