At eSense we have a passion helping people interact with businesses more easily.

In simple English, that means we see business problems as puzzles that can be solved with design, code, and process changes.

The internet is a wonderful place. It removes barriers to communication. It provides an unlimited market for you to reach your own customers and clients. But it can also take what should be simple and make it very, very confusing.

At eSense, we’re here to sort things out and give you the solutions to problems you never knew you had. We take care of the complexity, so you can focus on your business.

Who you’re working with. 

20150307-Mara_188_FPOI’m Marama Carmichael, I’m the founder, CEO and visionary at eSense. I’m the face of the business and look after the strategy and consulting side, but I don’t do this alone. Far from it!

Claudiu leads our design and development team, he’s been with us since we started in 2009.

My right hand is my husband, Nikk. He keeps the trains running on time and makes sure that my big picture thinking gets translated into action.

Michelle is our Project manager and account manager, she makes sure that your project is running smoothly and overseas ongoing marketing and implementation .

Supporting the core team are SEO and social media whizzes. A whole troop of crazy-talented and expert coders who between them can work on any platform. And a mad genius copywriter who can write a sales page like no-one else.

Together, we’re eSense.

We love finding new and better ways of doing things, especially if one of those things is the way your business works.

For more info on how you can get my awesome team and I working for you, get in touch.

Giving Back

Helping businesses grow is in my DNA so apart from eSense, I’m also a professional mentor for other Digital Agency owners with uGurus. This is my effort to change the industry for the better. It’s also a great way to stay up to date with the latest and greatest at a worldwide level (which helps my clients) and an excuse to visit the states at least once a year for the annual live event (uGurus is based in Denver, Colorado)

I’m a mentor too, for She Business – a women’s business development group. Our goal in She Business is for every Australian woman running their own business to be financially secure.

Buy one Give one

For every project we start with eSense (be that a strategy package, a web project, a marketing project, etc), we make a loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country to grow their business too. Currently, we use Zidisha to manage this. One of my favourite times each week is choosing a new business venture to support. We never withdraw the loan money when it’s paid back. Instead, we re-lend to another entrepreneur so the effect is compounding over the years. It’s pretty great.


“A big thank you from Katie and myself for all your hard work, you have all been a pleasure to work with and we are both really pleased with the outcome :)”

Steffen Toates –

What could you do if your business simply... Worked?

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