Content marketing doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. In fact, you’ll find that involving more people within your company will actually raise the quality of your content, by allowing them to display the expertise that got them hired in the first place. Not all people within your company will be great writers but asking around can’t hurt. You’re likely to find at least a handful of people who wouldn’t mind getting involved in the company blog.

There are a few steps that any content marketer can take to get their staff more involved in their content production efforts. A few great ideas to make your content production a more team-oriented effort include:

Talk to Leadership

Getting leadership on board with your plan will put you in a place to make requests in the first place. When it’s just you, a content marketer or writer, going around to people at their desks and asking if they might be interested, it doesn’t get the same weight as the boss sending out the invitation through an email. The best thing that you can do to gain traction and put more eyeballs on your content marketing efforts is to get a higher up on board and willing to back you up.

Invite to Collaborate and Contribute

When you start digging, you’ll probably find a lot of people who had a love for writing but decided to pursue other things professionally. They would probably jump at the chance to write again, even if it was just relaying information about their job.

Don’t be afraid to approach employees and ask them their thoughts about contributing. A quick email to a few that you think may have something interesting to say is a great way to expand the type of content that you are producing and reach new audiences.

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Talk to Co-Workers About Their Jobs

Want insight into your company or product? No one knows about the inner workings of your processes better than the ones that execute them. Reach out to employees and survey them, or ask if you can profile him or her about their place within the company. Remember, content marketing is just as much about developing a relationship and connection with your audience as it is delivering information. Value comes in many forms, and one of those forms is allowing your customer to get to know your company on a more personal level.

Open up the Blog to Guest Bloggers

Outside of your immediate co-workers, you may have vendors, partners, or colleagues that have something valuable to add, and would benefit from the promotion that a guest blog on your company website. Reach out to them and see if they would be interested in contributing. You may find that you have more interested parties in your circle than you originally anticipated.

Encourage Social Media Participation

Social media participation is something that many companies ask their employees to avoid but is actually a great way to give a face or faces to your company. In fact, Starbucks has leveraged this insight as a tool in their domination of the coffee business. Go ahead, ask your staff to take part in a hashtag campaigns or interact with the company Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. Let your customers see you in a softer light.


Content marketing doesn’t have to be a lonely effort. Getting other co-workers involved in our content creation efforts can help you to deliver content from more perspectives, develop a deeper personal connection with your audience, and publish more content.

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