The content that goes on your website says a lot about who you are as a business. Great content will give visitors a good first impression, while poorly written or pointless content can drive people away. In order to get the most out of the content on your website, there are a few things that it needs to have.

By including the following 5 items in all of your content, you can ensure that your content is serving its purpose, and not merely taking up space.

1. Be Informative

No one wants to have their time wasted. When a person visits your website, there is a chance they are looking for the answer to a question. The question could be along the lines of “How do I fix my car”, “Does this restaurant in my area serve food that I like” or even “What kind of services does this company offer.” You want your content to answer the questions your visitors are likely asking. Don’t waste time writing fluff pieces simply to fill up your website. Make sure that your content serves a purpose, and that it is informing your reader.


2. Search Engine Optimised

Most people find websites these days through a search engine. If you want your website to appear high in the search results, you will need to make sure to optimise your website for these search engines (called SEO). The way you can do this is to have specific keywords related to your business/website sprinkled in throughout the content, and included in the title. Take some time to learn about how to optimise content, and try to keep it in mind the next time you are writing.

3. Sales Oriented

You’ve informed your readers, and optimised the content for search engines – now you want to convert your visitors into customers. You need your content to do some selling for you, and to show your readers the benefits of your product or service. While you don’t want to overdo it and make your content sound like a sales pitch, you can include a line or two directing people on how to learn more about you or make a purchase. As we said, your content should answer a question, and the answer is sometimes hiring you or buying from you.

4. Shareable

If you have produced good content, people are going to want to share it. They will do this through their social media accounts, and this is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. If your content is not only interesting and useful, but also provides a unique approach, sharing is more likely. By producing high quality content that is both easy to read and enjoyable, you make it ideal for sharing, and in turn you can reach people who perhaps have not heard of you.

5. Well-Written

Lastly, you need well-written content. If your content has typos, poor grammar, or hard to understand sentences, you will likely find that it is not being shared, and not serving its purpose. Take the time to ensure your content is of a high quality, even if this means hiring an outside copy writer or editor. A good writer will work with you to discuss the topics you want covered. They’ll provide you with quality content that, when viewed on your website, will give your visitors a good impression of you.

When it comes to content marketing, good content is essential. Use the list above to go over your current content and see if it fits the criteria. Or, if you are planning on writing new content, keep the above list in mind when you are writing to ensure your content comes out great. Don’t be afraid to have another pair of eyes look it over before publishing, or even hiring someone else to do it for you. For more information on how to produce high quality content, you can contact us at any time.

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As a start up in the renovation space we turned to eSense Web Design to assist us with Logo design & Branding as we knew anything we came up with would need to be re-done at a later stage & conscious that you only get 1 shot at first appearances so the decision to use Marama was simple.

The consulting process cut to the core of what we do and why we’re passionate about it. It identified that our initial business name we had come up with missed our target market and wasn’t an authentic representation of Shona & I, by brainstorming a few options with Marama at eSense through her strategic questions and clever approach to ‘why’ we started and ‘what we wanted to achieve with our business, we landed with Smart Makeover which captures our strategic & calculated approach to renovating and connects with vendors and landlords alike, who are looking at getting the best Return on Investment when going to market.

The insights into brand strategy and connecting with clients through a voice that authentically represents Shona and I is an investment I’d recommend to anybody that is looking to start up or review their current branding, logo, business name etc.

Well done eSense team, you’ve saved us lost money and the pain of failing at first impressions, it’s been one of the smartest investments we’ve made.

Aaron and Shona Edwards – Smart Makeover

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